Why should I use window solar control film:

  • Summer & winter usability.
  • Blocking out up to 99% of the UV rays.
  • More comfort – keeps UV radiation out
  • Less utility bills and less fading damage to your home’s furniture, floors, carpets, electronics, wood and window treatments
  • It will make your home more efficient in summer and in winter.
  • Decreases heating costs – Keeps heat home in winter.
  • Reduces Cooling costs – Stops UV sun rays (heating sun rays) from entering your home.

Solar control films provide a all-year comfort to your home. Anti UV Film can reflect 99% of the sunrays in the summer which results in reducing the heat inside your home and total heat level. As a result, the average temperature in your home is lower, it becomes cooler and consumes less energy as your air conditioner runs much less. On the other side anti-UV films keeps your home’s heat in the winter as it is blocks it from running out.

Insulating windows decreases the heat that comes in from the outside which makes it easier and cheaper to keep the house cool in the summer. Another advantage of windows filming is the insulating effect that will keep the heat in during the winter, drastically decreasing your heating expenses.

 Service professionals and homeowners battle the recurring problem of maximizing the amount of sunlight available while at the same time keeping the interior comfortable.

While important, sunlight may cause build up of temperatures, especially noticeable by occupants with desks near windows or in offices utilizing glass curtain walling. The usual reaction in an attempt to maintain ambient environment is to rely on mechanical ventilation. Air conditioning combats the problem, yet at the cost of increased carbon emissions.

How can I benefit from it?

Solar radiation may be reduced with a range of films. It allows you to keep the interior conditions stable and limit the necessity of air conditioning use. The return of the investment on space cooling may range from 6% to even 68% annually, especially in times of high demand.

Special architectural solar window films offer long-term advantages. The amount of natural light is maximized, at the same time the workspace temperature is kept at a comfortable level. Lowered space cooling means lower energy consumption, carbon emission as well as lower housekeeping costs.

Our solutions consist of many components. Selection of a proper film depends on various factors that need to be considered. External installation of the film influences the performance and some aspects of the building design may affect the distribution of the natural light. Both new build and retrofit solutions demand that these conditions are accounted for.

In case of retrofit solutions, solar film might help existing buildings to comply with Part L of the building regulations. Correctly applied film helps to lower the energy demand from space cooling.

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