Shop windows are often attacked by vandals and taggers. Year by year it has been noticed as an increasing activity. We all bear the cost of that.
Taggers use words to describe their group activities and announce who thy are to the wider public or to other taggers. It can happen anywhere at any time, on a whim. These groups are written in people’s mentality as the vandals responsible for trashing public and private property with graffiti. Tagging is more widespread now than ever before.
Anti-Graffiti film is a clear protective polyester sheet stuck to glass and other non-porous surfaces in order to protect your glass/windows against damage from scratches, gouges, acid-etching, tagging and spray paint.

Why should graffiti be removed quickly?

1. Graffiti impact on your business or property is higher than just the surfaces it damage.

It has direct impact on property values, rental rates, retail sales, and increases fear in consumers. Properties located in neighbourhoods where graffiti is prevalent lose roughly 10-15% of their value. As the windows filming has developed methods of protecting glass from vandalisim more and more property owners and managers are installing anti-graffiti film as a cost-effective, time-saving solution for defence against graffiti vandalism. Anti-graffiti windows’ films are helping to reduce  the costs of vandalism. Replacing the glass is much more expensive than filming it . The faster we remove graffiti the less money we lose.

2. The longer graffiti stays unremoved the more new graffiti is attracted.
The tagger subculture is “Monkey see monkey do” world. It works like: “I was here “, “I was too”. or “I love Kate”, ” I love Tom”. So this is the reason why quick removal tags helps prevent additional incidents, while allowing graffiti to remain on your storefront, restrooms, or fixtures invites more of it.
Research and experience have proved that a quick graffiti removal significantly reduces the likelihood of a second attack. Uremoved graffiti tells vandals that we don’t care. Very fast removal of graffiti is the only way for business and property owners to preserve their customers’ sense of security, protect the appearance of their property, and keep additional graffiti away.

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