What type of glass can you repair?
Annealed, Tempered (Safety), Laminated, Dual pane, Single pane, Mirrors, Tables-almost any glass surface.

What maximum depth of a scratch can be repaired?
Depth of damage scratch has never been an issue. The key point will be a sufficient area around the damage, we can remove the scratches without any noticable distortion.

Does your glass scratch removal leave any visible marks?
No! While many other glass repair companies will leave haze or swirls, we leave nothing but clear, flawless, high quality glass.

How soon can VMS  fix my glass?
Depends on location:
– UK and Ireland: in the next 3-5 days!
– Other Countries: to be agreed individually!

Is your Company insured?
Yes we are! Although, we have never had a single claim!

I’m located outside UK, can VMS repair my glass?
Yes, we often find that it makes sense to send our repairing even to other parts of the world, as it’s still cheaper for customers than replacement costs.

How long does glass scratch removal take?
It depends, some jobs can be a matter of minutes, others last weeks. Please just give us a quick call and we will give you a free estimate.

How Vitrum Mainenance Services can save my money?
Our services are much cheaper than replacing a new window or glass.  The quality of the services meets the standars of new glass. Plus, we secure your glass against potential future damage. So you save twice.