Vitrum Mainenance services have saved  thousands of pounds for construction companies and housing developers and helped to meet legal requirements.

How many times have faced the necessity of removing windows and installing new ones as there were many scratches caused by construction workers during the building process?

Anyone who deals with products such as glass, has come across the issue of scratches. It is often difficult to determine the actual time and place when and where they have occurred. Despite our overall cautiousness and care for the quality control, the scratches can result in sleepless nights of many glass manufacturers or construction companies. Damages to glass occur during production, transport and assembly.

VMS addresses its offer to construction firms, housing developers, and renovation companies. We are able to remove scratches from all kinds of windows, railings, or glass façades or any other type of glass, and restore the surface to its original state without the need to disassemble it thus sparing the customer the high cost of replacement and lots of worries.

The snagging cycle, during which the glass damage is recognised, is the moment when we are engaged with the most common issues. The sources of the damage may vary – it could be due to transportation or site workers. Our Company offers polishing services for ad hoc scratch removal and film application for continual glass protection. These methods usually  lower the cost and prove to be much quicker than arranging for the replacement of the glass, especially in cases where glass is specialised or large. Glass surfaces that can be treated range from double glazed units, glass flooring to mirror tiles and balustrades.

Regulation 14 

During building refubrishment it may also turn out that the Regulation 14 is not met. It is required that all the windows in a workplace should be resistant to breaking or consist of safety material.
If the issue is to be resolved by replacement, it should be noted that it is an expensive and time consuming process. In comparison, glass films are relatively inexpensive and by scheduling the work to suit the customer, this technique can save money and time.

There is another significant issue – glare. Build or refubrishment projects have to ensure natural light is available, at the same time helping to create conditions that allow maximum productivity to be achieved. These issues can be approached by utilising our knowledge and expertise of film application.

We can fix any damaged window glass.

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