Acid graffiti on glass removing

Acid graffiti on glass

Vitrum Maintenance Services are the UK wide professionals in the glass polishing and protection. We polish all forms of damaged windows and glass doors. Our team members are fully skilled glass polishing technicians. Over last 10 years we gained wide experience in glass restoration and protection area. We can repair and remove scratches from almost all types of glass caused by vandals, hard water, calcium, concrete, or acids.

Glass repair.

As a glass repair specialists we provide an alternative to glass replacement. Our customers see our removing ‘acid-etched’ graffiti services as a very cost effective.  We can remove etched graffiti by polishing it without any noticeable distortion to the glass. In order to protect shop fronts that regularly suffer from etched graffiti we can remove the scratches or acid from. We can also put anti graffiti film on it so if etched graffiti or scratches reoccurs only the film needs to be replaced with no need to polish it again. You can save a lot on new windows. By filming your shop front you will save money in future.

Etched graffiti called also “dutch graffiti” is also a problem on buses and trains windows. Customers can use Vitrum Maintenance Services and it can be very cost effectively removed and filmed.

Vitrum Maintenance Services provides a system that leaves no distortion after acid graffiti removing.

 acid graffiti removing from glass

When should I use professionals to remove scratch from glass

Depending on scratch type you can remove scratches by yourself or use professionals.

When should I use professionals to remove scratch from glass:

  • The scratches are deep and large size from the very begining.
  • You’ve tried some of the DIY methods available and described in Internet the suggested solutions above and it either hasn’t worked or it has made things worse.
  • You think that the scratch looks more than a thin light scratch and in fact it may be a fracture, a crack or other form of glass damage.
  • The glass with scratch item is, very old or very fragile.
  • When you’ are unsure how to remove scratches from glass by do it yourself methods.

If any of the above appears just call us!

Vitrum Mainenance Services can professionally repair your window  by removing scratches from it. 



Why should I use film on the glass.

What are the types of films I can use on my windows?

  • Solar Control
  • Insultation
  • Anti graffiti
  • Safety and Security
  • Tinting
  • Decorative
  • Car or other surface Paint protection

How solar control films are working?

Using insulating films blocks 98% of harmful ultraviolet rays and as much as 82 % of solar heat,

How can I benefit from installing film on window?

You will experience the below benefits:
• balanced climate
• reduced hot spots & glare
• better comfort
• furnishing & other home equipment preservation
• extended air-condition devices life
• anti vandalism
• increased privacy
• lower energy consumption
• safety
• anti smash-and-grab theft




Unsere Serviceleistungen

  1. Wir entfernen Glas-Kratzer, Wasserflecke, Korrosion und Säure-Graffiti aus Glasscheiben. Wir entfernen auch andere beständige Glasschadenverursachte während Verbrauchsprozess, Transport oder bei Akt des Vandalismus. Die gröβte Erfahrung haben wir mit Polierung den zerkratzten Scheiben in öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln (Straβenbahn, S-Bahn, U-Bahn, Bus), Fensterscheiben zerstört während Bauprozess oder Schaufenstern zerkratzten bei Vandalen.
  1. Scheiben Sicherung und Folieren mit:
  • Anti-Graffiti Folie – verringt Kosten des Vandalismus,
  • Anti-Sonne Folie – steigert Komfort und reduziert Klimatisierung und Heizung – Kosten,
  • Einer Folie, die vor der Verstümmelung und dem Einbruch schützt,
  • Dekorativ Folie und andere.

Wir haben die Jahrelange Erfahrung in Europa und machen alle Aufträge mit höchsten Qualität. Unsere Leistungen haben sehr attraktiven Preis und führen zum starke Ersparnisse vergleichsmesig mit Glasscheibenwechseln. Unsere Arbeit ist professionell und Qualitätsvoll.


  • Polen: Neue Gebäude/öffentlicher Verkehr – Scheibenrenovierung
  • Vereinigte Arabische Emirate: Hotel – Scheibenrenovierung
  • Groβbritannien: U-Bahn/Bahn/Verkehr – Polierung und Scheibenfolierung
  • Italien: Bahn – Polierung und Scheibenfolierung
  • Nordirland: BusFabrik – Folierung mit Anti-Graffiti Folie und Anti-Einbruch Folie.






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windows filming

Why should I use window solar control film:

  • Summer & winter usability.
  • Blocking out up to 99% of the UV rays.
  • More comfort – keeps UV radiation out
  • Less utility bills and less fading damage to your home’s furniture, floors, carpets, electronics, wood and window treatments
  • It will make your home more efficient in summer and in winter.
  • Decreases heating costs – Keeps heat home in winter.
  • Reduces Cooling costs – Stops UV sun rays (heating sun rays) from entering your home.

Solar control films provide a all-year comfort to your home. Anti UV Film can reflect 99% of the sunrays in the summer which results in reducing the heat inside your home and total heat level. As a result, the average temperature in your home is lower, it becomes cooler and consumes less energy as your air conditioner runs much less. On the other side anti-UV films keeps your home’s heat in the winter as it is blocks it from running out.

Insulating windows decreases the heat that comes in from the outside which makes it easier and cheaper to keep the house cool in the summer. Another advantage of windows filming is the insulating effect that will keep the heat in during the winter, drastically decreasing your heating expenses.

 Service professionals and homeowners battle the recurring problem of maximizing the amount of sunlight available while at the same time keeping the interior comfortable.

While important, sunlight may cause build up of temperatures, especially noticeable by occupants with desks near windows or in offices utilizing glass curtain walling. The usual reaction in an attempt to maintain ambient environment is to rely on mechanical ventilation. Air conditioning combats the problem, yet at the cost of increased carbon emissions.

How can I benefit from it?

Solar radiation may be reduced with a range of films. It allows you to keep the interior conditions stable and limit the necessity of air conditioning use. The return of the investment on space cooling may range from 6% to even 68% annually, especially in times of high demand.

Special architectural solar window films offer long-term advantages. The amount of natural light is maximized, at the same time the workspace temperature is kept at a comfortable level. Lowered space cooling means lower energy consumption, carbon emission as well as lower housekeeping costs.

Our solutions consist of many components. Selection of a proper film depends on various factors that need to be considered. External installation of the film influences the performance and some aspects of the building design may affect the distribution of the natural light. Both new build and retrofit solutions demand that these conditions are accounted for.

In case of retrofit solutions, solar film might help existing buildings to comply with Part L of the building regulations. Correctly applied film helps to lower the energy demand from space cooling.

If you want to pay lower bills for aircondition!
JUST CALL US: (00 44) 790 750 35 76!


shop window scratch remove

Shop windows are often attacked by vandals and taggers. Year by year it has been noticed as an increasing activity. We all bear the cost of that.
Taggers use words to describe their group activities and announce who thy are to the wider public or to other taggers. It can happen anywhere at any time, on a whim. These groups are written in people’s mentality as the vandals responsible for trashing public and private property with graffiti. Tagging is more widespread now than ever before.
Anti-Graffiti film is a clear protective polyester sheet stuck to glass and other non-porous surfaces in order to protect your glass/windows against damage from scratches, gouges, acid-etching, tagging and spray paint.

Why should graffiti be removed quickly?

1. Graffiti impact on your business or property is higher than just the surfaces it damage.

It has direct impact on property values, rental rates, retail sales, and increases fear in consumers. Properties located in neighbourhoods where graffiti is prevalent lose roughly 10-15% of their value. As the windows filming has developed methods of protecting glass from vandalisim more and more property owners and managers are installing anti-graffiti film as a cost-effective, time-saving solution for defence against graffiti vandalism. Anti-graffiti windows’ films are helping to reduce  the costs of vandalism. Replacing the glass is much more expensive than filming it . The faster we remove graffiti the less money we lose.

2. The longer graffiti stays unremoved the more new graffiti is attracted.
The tagger subculture is “Monkey see monkey do” world. It works like: “I was here “, “I was too”. or “I love Kate”, ” I love Tom”. So this is the reason why quick removal tags helps prevent additional incidents, while allowing graffiti to remain on your storefront, restrooms, or fixtures invites more of it.
Research and experience have proved that a quick graffiti removal significantly reduces the likelihood of a second attack. Uremoved graffiti tells vandals that we don’t care. Very fast removal of graffiti is the only way for business and property owners to preserve their customers’ sense of security, protect the appearance of their property, and keep additional graffiti away.

If you have any questions about window covering and how window film works just call us or e-mail us.


bus window graffiti removing

The cost of replacement of the window panes damaged by vandals in the means of public transport is high. Our company can reduce it by 60-80% without the need to remove the panes.

We remove all types of glass scratches. After the repair, we secure the panes with an anti-graffiti film, transparent and practically unnoticeable to passengers. This film protects the pane from another vandal attack, and if the glass is broken, it also protects against body injury. This method is widely used in the means of transport in the UK, where vandalism is commonplace.

The issues

 Glass and ceramic panels may be damaged in a variety of situations. Weld splatter is a common hazard during transportation or finishing jobs. Cement, paint and plaster splash removal might also result in scratching. Vandalism such as acid markings or etching is a common threat to panels on busses, trains, shop fronts or buildings. Rapid removal of graffiti is highly advisable as failing to do it may encourage additional damage along with a deteriorated public image. Chip damage is another threat which may be caused by a range of different circumstances.

The benefits

Comparing the costs of glass repair and replacement, polishing usually costs as low as a fifth of the price of buying and fitting a new panel. With chips or small offenisve graffiti on surfaces like large shop fronts savings may be even higher. Glass furniture, staircase treads or floor panels can also undergo repair allowing further savings.

In contrst to ordering and installing replacement panels, glass repair is fast and causes little disruption. From an environmental point of view, manufacturing and transportation of replacement glass is much more harmful than glass polishing.


Using our polishing systems guarantees a “clear” finish without distortion, while maintaining the physical properities of the glass (rigidity and structural integrity remain unchanged). The resulting near-perfect finish is valuated by office, shop or house owners.

Vitrum Mainenance Services offers yet another solution: the damaged portion of the glass is polished to opaque and afterwards a special anti-graffiti film is applied. Scratches in the surface of the panel are filled by film’s adhesive creating a clear, near perfect panel able to withstand future attacks. This technique is often used on buses, trains and other mass-transport systems. If a Trial or a Demonstration would help in evaluation of how such solutions could solve your problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


windows anti scratch and graffiti filming

The issues

The development and the increasing quality of window films has resulted in a more widespread and more common use. The primary application of the films was to prevent glass panes from shattering, up to the magnitude of layers able to withstand a bomb blast. With augmented durability, the films proved to be an effective means of protection against caustic chemicals and spray paint.

Recent popularity of the climate control issue is thought to propel a new growth in the film usage. Factors such as energy efficiency are thought to present major advantages both socially and economically.

The benefits
Vandalism and accidental cases of property damage are both a common issue. Although window films may not limit the occurrence of the problem, they surely help to minimize the damage. Ease and speed of replacement are indispensable, especially when dealing with cases of offensive graffiti.

Films present a range of vital benefits such as reduction of heating and lighting costs (see solar films) along with increasing the comfort of your surroundings. Window films comply with Regulation 14, giving you a benefit of an increased safety and ease of mind.


Our broad range of films will help you achieve the results you wish. Our offer includes safety, solar, bomb blast and anti-graffiti films. Each employing unique properties suited for a concrete use.

For all clients who have no experience using window films, we are prepared to give advice or provide a demonstration on how to achieve certain goals. In case you already use a windows film we offer to review its quality. If it fills its purpose you are left with comfort of having a functional solution. We are happy to assist you with repair services or further advice.

We can also apply LLumar and Solar Gard solar window films. These films prevent UV rays from entering the interior thus reducing heat and solar glare. They can be applied in shops, schools and public offices – each time the type of film is individually chosen in order to protect the glass surfaces. Vitrum Maintenance Services  can also apply milk-white film, mirror film, anti-graffiti film, anti-burglary film and thermoinsulating film.