The issues

The development and the increasing quality of window films has resulted in a more widespread and more common use. The primary application of the films was to prevent glass panes from shattering, up to the magnitude of layers able to withstand a bomb blast. With augmented durability, the films proved to be an effective means of protection against caustic chemicals and spray paint.

Recent popularity of the climate control issue is thought to propel a new growth in the film usage. Factors such as energy efficiency are thought to present major advantages both socially and economically.

The benefits
Vandalism and accidental cases of property damage are both a common issue. Although window films may not limit the occurrence of the problem, they surely help to minimize the damage. Ease and speed of replacement are indispensable, especially when dealing with cases of offensive graffiti.

Films present a range of vital benefits such as reduction of heating and lighting costs (see solar films) along with increasing the comfort of your surroundings. Window films comply with Regulation 14, giving you a benefit of an increased safety and ease of mind.


Our broad range of films will help you achieve the results you wish. Our offer includes safety, solar, bomb blast and anti-graffiti films. Each employing unique properties suited for a concrete use.

For all clients who have no experience using window films, we are prepared to give advice or provide a demonstration on how to achieve certain goals. In case you already use a windows film we offer to review its quality. If it fills its purpose you are left with comfort of having a functional solution. We are happy to assist you with repair services or further advice.

We can also apply LLumar and Solar Gard solar window films. These films prevent UV rays from entering the interior thus reducing heat and solar glare. They can be applied in shops, schools and public offices – each time the type of film is individually chosen in order to protect the glass surfaces. Vitrum Maintenance Services  can also apply milk-white film, mirror film, anti-graffiti film, anti-burglary film and thermoinsulating film.