Acid graffiti on glass removing

Acid graffiti on glass

Vitrum Maintenance Services are the UK wide professionals in the glass polishing and protection. We polish all forms of damaged windows and glass doors. Our team members are fully skilled glass polishing technicians. Over last 10 years we gained wide experience in glass restoration and protection area. We can repair and remove scratches from almost all types of glass caused by vandals, hard water, calcium, concrete, or acids.

Glass repair.

As a glass repair specialists we provide an alternative to glass replacement. Our customers see our removing ‘acid-etched’ graffiti services as a very cost effective.  We can remove etched graffiti by polishing it without any noticeable distortion to the glass. In order to protect shop fronts that regularly suffer from etched graffiti we can remove the scratches or acid from. We can also put anti graffiti film on it so if etched graffiti or scratches reoccurs only the film needs to be replaced with no need to polish it again. You can save a lot on new windows. By filming your shop front you will save money in future.

Etched graffiti called also “dutch graffiti” is also a problem on buses and trains windows. Customers can use Vitrum Maintenance Services and it can be very cost effectively removed and filmed.

Vitrum Maintenance Services provides a system that leaves no distortion after acid graffiti removing.

 acid graffiti removing from glass